About Us

Jonathan (Johnny) Sanders is the owner and director of Sanders Plumbing Ltd based in Auckland.

As a master plumber Johnny loves working with customers to help them achieve their dreams and really enjoys the personal contact with his clients. As well as his skill as a tradesman his strategic approach to finding the right solution sets him apart from the rest.

Johnny is passionate about his work and values building relationships with the people it involves.

“Having customers who ask you to work with them on their 4th or 5th house demonstrates they value the work and relationship they have with us”.

Over the years as the industry has changed Johnny has become involved in different ways of water heating, such as solar, heat pump hot water systems and wet back combination with solar, to name a few.

Johnny is a firm believer in always learning, the team at Sanders Plumbing are well trained both on and off the job.  Sanders Plumbing is currently involved with local schools helping promote Plumbing as a chosen profession – “Taking boys and training them to become young men, qualified in their chosen field” is something he is proud of.  It’s about having the right attitude, being professional, building relationships and having a true sense of achievement in all that we do.

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