Plumbing solutions for new builds

The plumbing solution for any new kitchen or bathroom for your new house construction is a combination of functionality and budget. It is about giving the best solution for the right price.

The performance of any kitchen or bathroom is dependent on what plumbing lies under the floor and behind the walls. It’s important to get the right type and size of pipes.

Sanders Plumbing know what questions to ask to get to the heart of what your needs are. It is vital to know from the outset what is important to you and what the budget is.

Through consultation, the look and feel will be determined in line with the practical requirements. It can’t just look pretty, it needs to work!

We also make sure that your plumbing is future proofed so that it will work today and in the future for any upgrades you may wish to do.

The selection of the products is done either through catalogues or shopping, with us there to help you choose the right product(s) for your needs and budget. Our contacts with suppliers enable us to give competitive pricing so you get the most from your money.

Contact Sanders Plumbing today to get their help in achieving the kitchen and bathroom you’ve dreamed of.